About Us

The Jelly eSports NFT project aims to bridge the gap between Solana NFT technology and the hugely popular global eSports industry, by creating our very own eSports team and sponsoring some of the best talent around the globe to compete in gaming tournaments, repping the Jelly brand.

We have a huge ecosystem that is constantly growing larger every day, with a wide range of utilities from games, raffles, auctions and community events. We have also created a tonne of use cases for our Jelly token, which is earned from staking your Rascals in the Stake House.

This all sounds pretty familiar right? We take it up a level by actually delivering on our promises in a timely manner and producing some of the cleanest and smoothest functionality in this space. #doersnotsayers

We have surrounded ourselves with the smartest brains in the space to ensure we stay on top of trends and continue to grow, which is why we formed the JellyLabs initiative program to continue to innovate.

If you are a pro gamer (or even just enjoy a casual game of Warzone with a great community), then you're going to love the Jelly community. Maybe you like your chances on JellyDrop or fancy yourself as a bit of a poker shark. Look no further because you have found your home.